Friday, 20 June 2014

June Holiday Outings - A trip to Gardens By the Bay

Our P4 Girls headed towards the Gardens by the Bay on the 18 June, Wednesday. There were a total of 15 students together with 12 adults including mentors and parent volunteers who accompanied us to the outing.

All set to go to the Gardens By the Bay!

There were many fun filled activities organised by the class mentors for the girls.
The first stop for the day was the heritage centre. The Heritage Centre included gardens of the 3 ethnic groups in Singapore.

They first visited the Malay Garden. They played the Malay traditional game "Chapteh" within the group and the team with the highest number of hits wins!

Catch a video on our girls playing the "Chapteh".

The girls the  visited the Chinese garden and learned interesting information on some flowers and plants associated with the Chinese. They also had fun playing the "Cat and mouse" Chinese traditional game.

Next stop was the Indian Garden. An exciting segment was awaiting for the girls at this stop. The girls learnt how to tie a Saree in a simplified manner with the guidance of their group mentor.


Our parent volunteers as well showed enthusiasm & participated together with the girls.

The girls continued to have fun after lunch with some station games organised by the class mentors at the Amazing Trial section of the Children`s Garden.

The girls ended their day with water play at the Children`s Garden. Indeed, it was a fun-filled day for all of them.

This outing then wraps up the June Holiday Outings for the P3-P5 students.

 Do keep a look out for more exciting activities coming up for Ramadhan 2014.

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