Friday, 20 June 2014

June Holiday Outings -Trip to Asian Civilisations Museum

Our P3 and P4 boys headed towards the Asian Civilisations Museum on the 12 June 2014, Wednesday. A total of 25 boys and 12 adults including mentors and parent volunteers gathered to leave for the museum at Masjid An-Nahdhah.

Off we go!

Asian Trial was a self-guided tour and a kick start activity for the boys to engage in exploring many interesting information about the museum. The boys worked in groups with a mentor guiding them to accomplish the trial.

Catch our boys engaging themselves in the galleries of the Arabic culture!

Once Upon A time in Asia : The Story Tree was our next stop! This was an interactive exhibition for young children and our boys enjoyed it big time. This specially-curated exhibition for children and the young at heart showcases original interactive ensembles inspired by objects in the collection of the Asian Civilisations Museum by drawing on artists visions of the tree of life across many cultures.

Leaving the museum light hearted, the boys enjoyed sumptuous Mcdonalds meal along the Singapore River. Following that, they had fun games session arranged by their very own mentors.

Featuring our boys along the Singapore River..

This was our first initiative to bring the boys to the Museum. We thank Asian Civilisations Museum for their wonderful hospitality and providing us an opportunity to bring our boys there. The boys enjoyed their day at the ACM.

Look out for our next post on our P4 Girls outing to the Gardens By the Bay!

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