Thursday, 4 June 2015

Refresher Course for Beginner Ustazahs


On 1 June 2015, the beginner Ustazahs of Primary 3 to 6 were given a full-day special course to equip themselves with necessary skills that would allow them to better mentor the pupils.

The beginner Ustazahs were mainly trained in the following 4 areas:
  • Use of ICT tools
    (specifically ToonDoo & typing in Tamil & Arabic)
  • Use of Varying Pedagogies in Teaching & Learning
    (specifically though Drama, Inquiry, Experiential and Cooperative Learning)
  • Motivating kids and Ustazahs to be better reciters and memorisers of the Quran
Ustazahs were also asked for various ways and ideas to improve students and Ustazahs' welfare as a whole.

Indeed ustazahs not only had a beneficial but also an enjoyable time with their fellow Ustazahs!

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