Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Year End Fiesta - Event

Alhamdullilah! Our P3 to P5 students and mentors produced a carnival-themed Annual Prize Presentation on the 19th October 2014. This event aimed to groom every student to take ownership of their responsibilities assigned to them. It also allowed opportunities for our mentors to facilitate the learning of our children.

Details of Booths:
P3 Boys : Hit em’ right (Games Booth)

P3 Girls : Games & Smoothie Making

P4 Boys : Let`s get answered & Flip me off (Games Booths)

P4 Girls : Puppet Show & Arabic Calligraphy

P5 Girls : Henna & Cookies N Cupcakes Delight

PSG Booth / Souvenir Redemption Booth
Photo Booth and Popcorn & Candyfloss Booth

We had nearly 300 participants who excitedly engaged themselves in the carnival on that day. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all students and mentors who had put their heart and soul towards preparing this event and making our first attempt a success, in Allah (s.w.t)`s will.

Here are some photos showcasing the joy of our event!

                   Our Year End Fiesta event was held at Basement of Masjid An-Nahdhah Mosque

                                                     Enthusiastic participants of the day!

                                                      Let`s snap pictures @ the Photo booth!

Our P5 Girls made their very own cupcakes & cookies and here the participants get to decorate them with yummy fillings!
                                                            Come & Play @ the Games Booths

       Our P4 Girls invented their own Puppet show with stories highlighting some of Prophets


                                             Our talented P5 Girls showcasing their henna skills!
                                               Have you grabbed our YEF Event Souvenir?

                                                        Look at who is doing the candyfloss?!

                                                                     Yummy food for the day!

                                              Most Awaited Prize Presentation Ceremony


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