Monday, 16 June 2014

~ A Learning Journey Trip for Our Mentors ~

On 6 June 2014, all the mentors gathered and took a trip to the National Library to view an Exhibition of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was indeed a enriching experience for all of us.

The exhibition provided various information on the historical, geographical, economical, cultural and importantly religious development of the country.

These were some of the exhibits...

We even had a glimpse of the models of the two Holy Mosques - Masjid Al-Haram & Majid An-Nabawi. The Saudi personnel there also further provided us with information on the future expansion of the mosques.

We also had the opportunity to explore the rich culture of the Saudis, in terms of their clothings, food and musical instruments.

Alhamdulilah, many of the mentors benefited from this fruitful experience!

And after a long day at the exhibition, we ended the day with a hearty meal at PASTAMANIA!

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